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The Best of Rio Blogs

The Best of Rio Blogs

December 5, 2014

You’ve bookmarked the biggest travel sites. You’ve lurked (or posted) on their forums. You might have browsed (or bought) a travel guide or mobile app.

But have you read any blogs?

Not the blogs from the aforementioned sites. Not the blogs that come up on the first page of Google. Real blogs, written by real locals, about daily life in Rio.

Bloggers offer invaluable, firsthand insight that you won’t get from a generic site. The best Rio bloggers are doing it for a true love for their city – nothing else.

Know a blogger we should add to the list? Let us know!

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The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - Rio Real

Rio Real

Julia Michaels is an American writer, editor and journalist who has lived in Brazil for more than 30 years. Her bilingual posts provide detailed, compelling coverage of the social and political climate in Rio de Janeiro.

RealRio Picks
Rio trains are decades late
Ilha Pura (Pure Island): 3 square miles under total control
The favela alley: asset or liability?

The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - The Real Rio de Janeiro

The Real Rio de Janeiro

A blog from the staff at the Casa 579 guesthouse in Santa Teresa. Good coverage of local community life, infrequently updated.

RealRio Picks
Carnival… in the street or at the sambadrome?
The Hills of Alemão
Literary Festival in Santa Teresa

The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - Eat Rio

Eat Rio

Tom Le Mesurier left London for Latin America in 2009. What started as simple food blog has grown into an immense resource, with insights and advice on all aspects of Rio life – food, culture, safety, language, and everyday adventures. Thanks to Tom, we know going to the gym will keep one’s pneuzinho (ahem, spare tire) under control.

RealRio Picks
Brazilian Body Slang
Should I Tip in Brazil?
Where to Drink Beer in Rio

The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - Hidden Pousadas in Brazil

Hidden Pousadas Brazil

After accruing a list of hidden gems through her personal travels, Alison McGowan decided to start Hidden Pousadas, a resource of inns, ecolodges, boutique hotels and B&Bs in Brazil. The recommended pousadas (literally, “place to stay”) have been visited, reviewed, and photographed by Alison and her team. You can’t beat the exhaustive list of beautiful accommodations covered in this blog.

RealRio Picks
10 beach destinations and Pousadas for perfect solitude in low-season
Pousadas on the beach resort of Buzios
Gracious countryside living in Búzios at Pousada Fazendinha Búzios

The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - Rachel's Rantings in Rio

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio

Rachel is an expat, mother, and author of a highly entertaining blog that covers everything from light topics to cultural discussions to serious conversations about the realities of life in Rio.

RealRio Picks
10 Things I like Better: Brazil vs the US
10 Things I like Better: US vs Brazil
Brazilian Judge Denies Justice

The Best Blogs to Follow in Rio - My Little Rio Journal

My Little Rio Journal

Cris is the only non-expat blogger on the list. Born in Rio, Cris shares a little piece of her quotidian life in Rio through pictures and personal anecdotes.

RealRio Picks
Arpoador, the perfect spot to admire sunset in Rio
Pista Claudio Coutinho, my hidden treasure in Rio
Restaurante Gaivota, homemade Food in Buzios

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