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Gay Rio

A hotspot for gay and lesbian travelers.

Rio has long been a hotspot for gay and lesbian travelers. In fact, it was recently awarded the most popular gay destination in the world, and it is estimated that 1 out of every 4 visitors to Rio de Janeiro is gay or lesbian. Here are some tips for gay beaches and nightlife to help get you started.

Gay Beach Guide

Farme Beach (Ipanema)
Located just east of Farme de Amoedo, Farme is Rio’s most famous and popular gay beach. You’ll find it easily by the many rainbow flags used by the beach vendors.

Coqueirão (Posto 9)
Located right near the lifeguard station in Posto 9, this is a (slightly) more subdued and mixed spot than Farme. On the weekends, you may find it easier to meet locals here.

Praia da Bolsa (Copacabana)
Commonly called simply “Bolsa”, this is an area popular with gay men and the transgendered community. Located right across from the Hotel Copacabana Palace

Gay Nightlife

There are gay nightspots all over Rio, but the majority are close to Ipanema. Rua Farme de Amoedo is where you’ll find the highest density of gay (and gay-friendly) cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. Copacabana has quite a few gay friendly spots as well, but they tend to be more spread out. Tô Nem Aí and Le Boy are two of our favorite spots.

To find out where the hottest parties will be during your visit, head to the beach, where people will be handing out flyers and advertisements for that night’s parties. Our friends at Rio Gay Guide have great tips for nightlife, so check them out!

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