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Outdoor excursions and hidden treasures.

Much like the rest of carioca life, markets in Rio de Janeiro celebrate the outdoors. Rio’s outdoor markets are full of local and international treasure that are sure to cater to your personal aesthetic. Art, antiques, and of course, farmer’s markets happen throughout the city, depending on location and day of the week. We have put together a list of the most interesting and fun markets below to help get you started. TIP: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with vendors – prices are not set in stone. Also, be sure to bring small bills with you, as change for larger bills can be difficult to find.

Hippie Fair in Ipanema

This market occurs every Sunday, from 10 AM until 5 PM. It is full of local art and crafts, with some of the best prices in Ipanema. Located just two blocks from the beach, the market has been active since the 1960’s, and is popular with both cariocas and tourists alike. Prices for art range from $R50 to over $R500.

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Night Market in Copacabana

This evening market occurs every day, except for Sundays, beginning at 6 PM. You can find it along the beach at Av. Atlântica between R. Bolivar and R. Sa Ferreira. Smaller than the Hippie Fair, it still has a variety of local art available for purchase, and is great place to stock up on capoeira pants and Brazilian shorts.

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Feira Nordestina São Cristóvão

Located a quick 20 minute cab ride from Copacabana, Feira Nordestina São Cristóvão is the biggest market in Rio with over 700 vendors set up each Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10:00 AM. The market caters to the huge northeast population of Brazilians that has migrated to Rio over the years. It is a great market to buy souvenirs, inexpensive restaurants and bars, and most importantly, listen to the forró music. Each night of the market, the streets fill up with dancers enjoying the live forró. Take care – the party can easily last until the sun comes up!

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Praça XV Flea Market in Centro

Each Saturday, the second hand market opens, selling everything from cameras and CDs to old records. Known as a bargain hunter’s dream, one might find everything from a retro piece of furniture to WWII memorabilia. The Praça Flea Market is located right by the harbor, in an up and coming part of town, so it is advised that you leave your valuables at home.

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Praça General Osório in Ipanema

Each Tuesday, Ipanema welcomes a beautiful farmer’s market, complete with every tropical fruit imaginable. The show starts in the early morning and runs until midday. The best deals are found a few hours after opening, when the morning rush slows down.

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Feira do Rio Antigo in Lapa

Considered the more authentic answer to Ipanema’s Hippie Fair, the Feira do Rio Antigo is a monthly event that is full of antiques, retro furniture, and crafts. Full of local restaurants, be sure to experience some of Lapa’s authentic Brazilian cuisine. At 3, the real party starts, when live music takes over the streets. It is best to arrive in the late afternoon, enjoy lunch, a few cold beers, and then stay for a night out in Lapa.

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